A Great Reason To Work With Us – And a Caveat

In the majority of cases our clients have worked with other consultants or agencies prior to reaching out to us. It seems most of them have had at least some bad experiences. This isn’t hard to believe. Nobody cancels a successful and satisfying business relationship.

So when people switch to our service or product, it’s fair to assume that they carry some disappointment with the previous one as well as the longing for a “better” experience and, at least as much, the results they are looking for.

There is a great opportunity in getting fresh eyes on your business and marketing. But beware of the “your old agency was terrible the new one is simply amazing” fallacy (well explained in the context of programming in this article). Let me explain what this means to you.

When you get fresh eyes on your project, at least two things are bound to happen:

  1. We will find all kinds of things that are wrong with it.
  2. We will most likely, unintentionally, offend some people by pointing out what is not working or performing as it could / should.

Now, the first part is possibly a major advantage to your business.

The second part is not necessary. As the linked article talks about with the new programmer example: Most things can easily appear outdated from a current, cutting-edge perspective. It’s easy to suggest moving to more modern and advanced technologies. But both parties should not rush into things here. Let’s keep cool.

What We Do About This

Two things.

  1. We are open and explicit about the issue with our clients. This article is part of that openness.
  2. Being conscious of the underlying dynamic and understanding that a few months or years from now we could well be the "old agency" whose work is being examined, we try to curb our improvement drive and understand the bigger picture.

What You Can Do

We sincerely hope your company as well as third parties are able to understand that all of this is not personal. On the contrary, since we are coming in without knowing much about who has worked on project X and who is responsible or has pushed for feature Y, we are as impartial as it gets at this point.

Make use of our fresh eyes. It’s an opportunity for your business.