Experts Certification

We use automated crawls for all kinds of purposes, and over time, we have build quite a few custom tools and scripts for analyzing different parameters of websites, especially larger ones. Sometimes writing a crawler like this from scratch is the right way to go, especially when you’re looking for specific details.

To get a good and in-depth overview of a site though, is one of the tools we use regularly. It enables us to evaluate the parts of a project that need the most work and allows us to stay on top of the game while changes are implemented.

Recently, the first ever “OnPage Experts1 event was held in Munich. Of course we seized the opportunity to get certified as an official Expert. Experts Badge

But that’s not all, folks: Max was the only participant, who scored 100% on the test. And while this isn’t something to cling on to too much, it’s certainly an achievement.

Max Lielje at the OnPage Experts event

Congratulations to Max for being certified as OnPage Gold Expert!

  1. That summary article is written in German.