Do You Provide SEO Services?

Our clients often approach us in need for SEO. It’s like someone told them, “you have to do some SEO”.

Another related question that comes up quite regularly is, “I heard SEO is getting harder and one should focus on SEA (PPC, SEM) in ecommerce. What do you think?”.

There is no one-word answer here. First, take a look at the list.

Think Multiple Internet Marketing Channels

Seach Engine Optimization is one internet marketing channel. As in a list like:

… and for some reason some folks also add Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to that list1, also see Conversion Rate Optimization is not a marketing channel.

Back to the list. These channels need not only function individually. They need to be supporting and feeding each other in a well coordinated interplay. We do have the technology for that already (or can develop it).

If you are wondering which channel is more important, you have to evaluate this by considering how value is created in your business currently as well as where you are heading. There is no place for general statements here. Take a closer look at how to select and prioritize marketing channels.

The Interplay of Internet Marketing Channels

Regarding the mentioned “well coordinated interplay”, this is where our services are of immense value to your business: We take on the role of an online marketing manager. We take care that the channels play together, as a team.

This is our approach:

Moving Towards Self-Controlled Systems

We have to reduce our AdWords spend. It appears to be contiously increasing.

Our team believes in the value of self-controlled systems. The purpose of PPC campaigns is to buy traffic (qualified visitors) and send it to your website. The advantages of PPC are simple:

The insights you get through these campaigns, should beused to build systems that are not controlled by third parties (competitors, Google, …). They also point you to areas that are worth the efforts of SEO, content marketing and so on.

PPC is an expense. It does not build anything for your business and will, in that sense, never become an asset. Paid Advertising has its place, but you want to be smart and not only use the analytical insights you gain from it, but also build and develop other channels alongside PPC that can catch visitors and prospects, make them return, buy your product and recommend your brand (create referrals).


We certainly do provide SEO consulting – as an integrated part of an online marketing strategy, so that it makes sense (and profit).

  1. CRO is not a marketing channel. The conversion rate of any marketing channel can be optimized though.