We work closely with a small number of clients to ensure our full attention and short turnaround times.

We start the process by getting to know you, your team and your web project. Let’s talk.

on-page optimization

The basics – these are the factors you control: headlines, descriptions, internal links, load times.

On-page factors are easy to improve and have an important effect on search engine visibiliy, click-through-rates and more. We evaluate and check the quality of a project’s on-page quality with specific tools. We develop specific action steps considering the technical and technological context to move your project towards optimum web performance.

seo-optimized content

Content marketing is and has been buzzing for years. Blogs have been created. They don’t get much traffic and very few people read them.

Yes, content is great. To be more precise: great content is great. But where should you start, what content is relevant to your audience, and how do you deliver and syndicate it to the different channels and media?

We believe in high-quality, relevant, and valuable content as a means to attract and convert new and existing customers. Great content is also trust-building, sharable and creates a longterm value for your company.

Get in touch and check our case studies to see how this works in more detail, including actual time frames, conversion rates and revenue numbers.

We analyze, evaluate and recommmend specific topics and types of content in order to grow your online visibilty and attract more visitors to your website (inbound marketing).

For larger websites “content siloing” is a big challenge. This is where you plan to make specific parts of your website relevant to certain searches (informational needs, keywordsand keywords clusters). See our case studies to see first hand how this works in practice.

relaunch support

Your website is your online asset. A relaunch gone wrong can cause serious damage – as in losing most organic traffic for months plus all the extra work to re-establish what you had already built. It’s tough and we have seen it time and time again.

Therefore: Never relaunch! It is a delicate issue. Moving incrementally is often times the better choice, if possible (when did Amazon last relaunch? Exactly. Never. Still, the site is constantly improving.) If you have to relaunch, make sure you have checked the details before you go live.

We have experience moving large websites to a new domain name, localizing an existing site to other languages and launching new designs, etc.


As part of our consulting services we offer in-house seminars and trainings to deliver the results of research projects or custom-developed solutions to our clients.

We also train inhouse staff in content creation methods to achieve a sustainable workflow.

Taming the Index
solutions for large websites (ecommerce / publishing)
Working with System Layers
content first, ecommerce second row
User-case-centered design
appealing to each user, individually

speaking engagements

We present new insights and ideas to audiences in person or via webinars.

To arrange an event, please get in touch.